IWF23 Masterclass – Copper Rivet Distillery with Stephen Russell

Straight from Chatham, Stephen Russell – Founder & Managing Director of the Copper Rivet Distillery, puts Chatham on the map as epi-centre of excellence for distilling with a smashing variety of spirits such as Masthouse Whisky.

In this Masterclass Stephen will present Copper Rivet Distillery’s approach and involve the Masthouse evolution and therewith the entire process from choosing grain varieties and growing the grain to producing their new make spirit around the character and flavour of the new make distillate they’re targeting. Stephen describes how, at every step, they try to find ways to go the extra mile – growing the grain and designing and building their own stills are just two examples of this.

Be prepared, for in this masterclass you will taste a massive range of spirits from Copper Rivet Distillery’s core range and participants will get a preview of the distillery’s concept for their next evolutions in flavour and a surprisingly finish to celebrate their building’s 150th anniversary.

Participants will taste:

  • New make Single Malt Whisky
  • New make Grain Whisky
  • Masthouse Single Malt Whisky (Double Pot Distilled)
  • Masthouse Single Malt Whisky (Pot and Hybrid Column Distilled)
  • Masthouse Single Grain Whisky
  • A Celebratory Surprise…

Stephen set up Copper Rivet with his father, brother and Head Distiller and friend Abhishek Banik with a mission – to put their humble hometown Chatham on the map as a centre of excellence for distilling globally. Since the first release of the Masthouse Whisky Trade In Spirits imports CRD in Europe.

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