De Hemel Brouwerij: Nieuw Ligt – Barley Wine On Heaven Hill Barrels

We have our first beer-collabs. At our webshop we have some hidden gems behind the button Other. And we don’t see this specimen as a ‘stowaway’, since beer always precedes Whiskey. But there is a first for everything. Have a look at this ‘collab’-eer and what happened with the barrels afterwards.

Ahead of our Twinbottling by the Irish Clonakilty Distillery in collaboration with 2 Dutch Breweries, we present a very tasty Nieuw Ligt Barley Wine at 10% ABV, finished on Heaven Hill Barrels which are now used to mature Irish Whiskey in the Clonakilty warehouse.

This ‘heavenly’ Barley Wine is brewed in Nijmegen, oldest Town of the Netherlands, at the Valkhof bij Master Brewer Thieu Hegger from Brouwerij De Hemel.

Our ‘collabs’ with Thieu brings us a fine Barley Wine:

“With Barley Wine as part of our core range, with this finish on Heaven Hill we expand our spectrum on nose and taste and further explore the sweetness with aroma’s of Caramel, Sugar Candy, Maple Syrup and Malt.
The finish is also warming with the aftertaste offering a full sense of sweetness where the higher alcoholpercentage is more distance in favor of the Heaven Hill Cask adding to the flavour.
We will explore cask finishes more, all be it in a moderate pace, for like whiskey, beer also needs time… and space.“

– Thieu Hegger, Brouwerij de Hemel

Availability – Barley Wine Heaven Hill – De Hemel Brouwerij

Thieu’s heavenly Barley Wine and the Twinbottling (Single Malt, Single Cask @ Cask Strength) will be available via a selection of ‘Our Stores’.

For more information make sure to visit us, Brouwerij De Hemel, Nijmegen and Clonakilty in the near future.

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