We’ve got it: Hanácká Vodka:  the Oldest Vodka in the World

After we introduced the Old Hunter’s Rye Whiskey from the Greentree Distillery (1581) and its Panamese Rums from Heffron, we now intrpduced the oldest 6 fold destilled Vodka in the world from the same destillery from the Czech republic: Hanácká vodka.

 “Hanácká vodka was created according to the rule of honesty using a simple method of measurement using a silver Prague groschen in a densitometer. In this way, he produced a masterpiece of purity, which at the time was called “vodka”, for which the name vodka was later adopted. And that is why Hanácká is the oldest vodka in the world.”

Hanácká Vodka

All Spirits from the Greentree Distillery

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