An Introduction of the Dutch Mwórveld Whiskey

An Introduction of the Dutch Mwórveld Whiskey

The distillery started its production of local whiskey in December 2017. Legally, whiskey needs to be matured in a wooden cask for at least 3 years before it is allowed to be sold as whiskey. Our whiskey is generally matured in oak casts which previously contained Bourbon or Sherry. The first Mwórveld Whiskey will be ready for consumption in spring 2021.

While the whiskey matures we are distilling products which are ready for consumption more quickly, any time between several weeks or months:

Jenever: Mwórveld Kaore

A ‘Jenever’ (Dutch gin), suitable for the young epicurean. Kaore has a full-bodied flavour from barley, rye and a special spice mix. It is matured in glass or on wooden Oloroso or Moscatel casks.

Gin: Mwórveld Gin

A smooth, flowery dry gin which is easy to enjoy in a G&T or neat. 42% ABV.

Fruit distillates

Every year we produce a few limited-edition fruit distillates, made with organic fruit, locally sourced in the Limburg region. The available range is dependent on each year’s harvest. This year our range includes: an apple cider distillate and Eau de vie.

Your Fruit, Your Unique Eau de Vie?   

Have you got a batch of your own fruit available? We would love to help you turn this into a personal, unique eau de vie or liquor. We’re happy to assist you with any of these steps, or you can choose to undertake (some of) them yourself.

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